Are The Best Foods To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Found In The Mediterranean Diet?

These days we are all familiar with the importance of diet in relation to heart and cardiovascular health. It comes as no surprise to us that a greasy meal will clog up your arteries and potentially lead to serious heart issues down the road. We have all heard harrowing tales of double (and even triple) bypass surgery, where surgeons actually physically reroute arteries to avoid these accumulated blockages and provide better blood flow.

Perhaps less well understood by the public is the overall impact that poor diet and poor cardiovascular health can have on the entire body. In particular, for men with erectile dysfunction, the cardiovascular system may even be the root cause of their issue. Fortunately, good food choices like those laid out in Jason Long’s Erectile Dysfunction Protocol can go a long way toward fixing the problem.

All About Flow

The penis can be thought of in a very basic way like a balloon. When flaccid, it is deflated, but stimulation and sexual excitement cause it to inflate with blood causing it to become firmer and larger. While this metaphor oversimplifies the complicated biological structures substantially, it is easy to see even from this very simple explanation how quality blood flow is necessary. For a more scientific understanding of erections, check out the excellent Wikipedia page on the subject.

When we consider that bad diet itself (in the form of foods high in fat content or so called “bad cholesterol”) as well as conditions directly related to diet (like diabetes) is responsible for clogging arteries, it should become an immediate wake up call for anyone with cardiovascular problems. It is extremely important to eat right to stay healthy, and penile health is no different.

Foods That Help Combat Erectile Dysfunction

In WebMD’s excellent “Protect Your Erection” article they mention the Mediterranean Diet as being scientifically linked to improved sexual function. The same article recommends avoiding foods commonly known to be associated with poor cardiovascular health, such as processed and fried foods.

But for the unfamiliar, just what is the Mediterranean Diet?

Based on the diet commonly observed in Greece, Spain, and parts of Italy, the Mediterranean Diet includes little meats, high consumption of fruits and vegetables, and regular consumption of fish, unrefined grains, yogurts, and cheeses. Legumes and olive oil are also staples of the diet.

This dietary scheme seems to be directly in line with results from the groundbreaking Massachusetts Male Aging Study which scientifically demonstrated a link between diet and erectile dysfunction. The study observed negative impacts on erectile function in those who consumed higher amounts of processed grains and red meats, while demonstrating some positive impacts for those whose diets were high in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Super Foods?

Although there is no magic bullet which will cure erectile dysfunction after a snack, there are some foods that can give you a boost. Pistachios have been scientifically shown to improve erectile function after several weeks of regular consumption and are often considered one of the best foods to cure erectile dysfunction.

Other interesting foods like these are always making their way through the process of scientific inquiry! Always keep an eye on the latest ED trends and developments to tap into new possibilities emerging from the latest medical science.

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